Adams-ISC is an ASME Certified Pressure Vessel Manufacturer

Adams-ISC is a fully-certified pressure vessel fabricator located in Rapid City, SD. Our pipe and vessel group has the experience and the certifications to perform the most stringently-regulated welding, fabrication, and repair work. Some of our capabilities include the fabrication or repair of process piping including stainless food grade, steam piping, pressure and atmospheric vessels, skid packages, isometric piping, structural steel fabrication and erection and containment systems.

Adams-ISC holds both the ASME “U” stamp and The National Board “R” stamp. The ASME U stamp certifies the manufacturing of pressure vessels and the National Board R stamp certifies metallic repairs and/or alterations.

Services include new manufacturing, site repairs, and/or alterations. We estimate and manage both in-shop and field projects and have associates that work with us to do complete piping and vessel system design and manufacture low pressure tanks and containment systems.

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