Your Preferred Industrial Parts Distributor

Founded in 1939, ISC Companies is committed to delivering customer satisfaction and the greatest overall value offered by an industrial distributor. We can design and manufacture systems tailored to meet the exact requirements of any industrial application. By providing parts, machining, fabrication, electrical panel design, and quality control under one roof, we are able to offer customized solutions that traditional distributors simply cannot match. We want to minimize your project scope by offering the parts you need and the service you expect. Whether you need a simple part or complex assembly, ISC Companies is your one-stop-shop for standard and custom solutions.



Panel Shop Services

Company Vision Statement

ISC Companies strives to be a high-quality, customer-driven solutions provider in the industrial market leveraging our wide range of capabilities. We will pursue sound financial strategies and maintain superior relationships with our customers, suppliers, peers, and competitors while conducting business in an ethical manner. We will have a motivated, dynamic, forward-thinking team that will create, reward, and support an environment fostering personal and professional growth, job fulfillment, and innovative thinking.

Always conduct business in an ethical way

Treat customers, employees, suppliers and competitors fairly. Integrity is the only sustainable business strategy.

Value relationships

We value our employees. We value our customers. We have second-generation employees who have inherited and carried on decade-long relationships.

Listen to the customer

Respond to customer needs. We do what we say we are going to do, when we said we would do it.

Keep pace with technology

We live in a fast-paced business environment. As a supplier, we must be on the forefront of technology in serving our customers. We were among the first distributors to use a computer to track inventory and process orders. We still believe that the wise integration of technology can help us serve our customers better.