Rod End Bearings

Rod End and Spherical Plain Bearings

Spherical plain and rod end bearings have a ball that rotates in a race to accommodate a wide range of angular misalignment. They are commonly used in linkages and low-speed applications and consist of a spherical ball made from metallic or non-metallic compounds with a corresponding cylindrical outer ring. They are fitted in a housing bore within a machine or apparatus. These are referred to as spherical plain bearings.

Rod end bearings are generally a metallic or non-metallic stem with a spherical ball mounted in one or both ends. If the stem of the rod is threaded, it is referred to as a male rod end. If the rod is threaded on the inside, it is referred to as a female rod end.

While spherical plain bearings offer misalignment capability in a fixed housing position; rod ends offer ease in mounting and adjustment of position in installations such as mechanisms, linkages, and control rods. Rod ends also provide a compact, lightweight, economical design alternative to a conventional housing installation.

Key Manufacturers of Rod End Bearings We Offer

  • Alinabal
  • Aurora Bearing
  • Durbal, Inc.
  • FK Bearing
  • Heim (RBC)
  • P.T. International
  • RBC Bearings
  • SealMaster
  • SKF


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