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Bishop Wisecarver

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Bishop-Wisecarver / BWC – Guide Systems

Bishop Wisecarver Brand LogoISC Companies and Adams-ISC can supply the Bishop-Wisecarver products listed on this page and many others that can be found on the Bishop-Wisecarver website. For more information or for a product quote, please contact us by phone 763-559-0033, by email custserv@isccompanies.com, or by filling out our online contact form.

Bishop-Wisecarver (BWC) is a manufacturer of products including manual linear guide systems, actuated linear guide systems, and rotary guides and systems. Recent product introductions from BWC are stainless steel, high temperature, washdown, and clean room-compatible products. Popular BWC trade names include DualVee, LoPro, UtiliTrak, MinVee, MadeWell, SlickStick, and GV3.

Product Groups

Actuated Linear Guide Systems

Bishop-Wisecarver’s range of belt, chain, lead screw, and ball screw actuators cover applications from low load to heavy duty, from fast to slow speeds, and are available in corrosion-resistant versions.

The PDU2 is an excellent light duty choice. LoPro comes in four sizes to accommodate loads up to 3,525 pounds. The Hepco DLS also offers three different sizes for medium duty applications.

For heavy loads, select from HDLS belt driven actuator, HDCS ball screw actuators, or the SBD sealed belt unit. The DAPDU2 double-acting belt unit is ideal for actions like opening and closing doors. Ball screw actuators are used where precision positioning is required. Choose PSD80 ball screw actuators or PSD120 lead screw actuators for lighter loads.

Manual Linear Guide Systems

Bishop-Wisecarver and partner HepcoMotion offer a wide range of guide wheel-based linear motion solutions. Simple Select provides an easy linear guide based on the GV3 slide system.

The UtiliTrak linear guide is a narrow, compact profile solution ideal for using two parallel systems, where the vee side serves as the guide and the roller side compensates for misalignment.

The HDS2 linear guide line is for high loads, the SL2 is a completely stainless steel linear guide, the MinVee is a miniature linear guide ideal for semiconductor, laboratory, medical, and packaging applications. LoPro is available in both actuated and non-actuated linear guide versions and DualVee and GV3 offer guided motion components for linear guide applications.

Rotary Guide Systems

The PRT line offers a full range of rings, segments, and straight and curved slides that can be combined to create customized rotary motion solutions to follow any path.

The DTS rotary actuator system utilizes oval and rectangular track systems with actuation provided by a high tensile strength timing belt. Rotary motion may be continuous or intermittent.

HDRT provides rotary motion and rotary actuator systems for heavy duty applications.

Components and Accessories

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