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Climax Metal Products Company – Shaft Locking Solutions

For over 65 years, Climax Metal Products Company has been a primary source for Engineered Shaft Locking Solutions. Founded on the principles of excellent quality and outstanding customer service, Climax continues to innovate through people, processes, and technology.

Climax Shaft Collars and Rigid Couplings are quality-engineered, manufactured, and shipped from our corporate headquarters in Mentor, Ohio.

Climax’s recent Partnership with MAV S.p.A. of Bosentino, Italy, has added over 30 years experience of unparalleled design and manufacture of keyless locking devices. Climax Keyless Locking Devices are also stocked and ready to ship from Mentor, Ohio.

Climax KLD Interchange Guide

Product Groups

Shaft Collars

Shaft collars have extremely diverse applications. Shaft collars have been used on applications from holding up a flag on a flag pole, to positioning devices on medical equipment to the more common industrial applications of holding other shaft components such as bearings, sprockets and pulleys in place.

Shaft Collars > One-Piece Clamping Collars
Shaft Collars > Two-Piece Clamping Collars
Shaft Collars > Set Screw Collars
Shaft Collars > Threaded Clamping Collars
Shaft Collars > End Stop Collars

Rigid Couplings

Shaft Couplings serve as components to time, join, or align shafts at lower speeds and torque, especially when zero backlash is desired. They are not intended for use as a critical part of a drive line or as a substitute for flexible or universal joints or other power transmission device. Designed for aligned shafts only and rigid couplings are the most basic but often the most cost-effective coupling option.

Rigid Couplings > One-Piece Clamping Couplings
Rigid Couplings > Two-Piece Clamping Couplings
Rigid Couplings > Set Screw Couplings
Rigid Couplings > Re-Machinable Couplings
Rigid Couplings > Shaft Adapters

Keyless Locking Devices

Keyless Locking Devices (KLDs) are mechanical bushings used to connect power transmission components onto rotating shafts. Without the use of keyways, KLDs eliminate the problems associated with backlash including fretting, corroding, and wallowing. KLDs work with straight bores and generous tolerances, reducing component machining and complexity costs. In addition, KLDs are installed and removed using simple hand tools; no heat or high forces are required.

Keyless Locking Devices > Locking Assemblies
Keyless Locking Devices > Shrink Discs
Keyless Locking Devices > Keyless Rigid Couplings

Clesco Mounted Light Duty Bearings

Pillow block or flange mounted light duty bearings mount bearings safely enabling the outer ring to be stationary while allowing rotation of the inner ring. Housed bearings are bolted to a foundation through the holes in the base. On some styles seals are provided to prevent dust and other contaminants from entering the housing. The housing provides a clean environment for the bearing to freely rotate, increasing their performance and duty cycle.

Clesco Mounted Light Duty Bearings > Pillow Block Bearings
Clesco Mounted Light Duty Bearings > Flange Mount Bearings
Clesco Mounted Light Duty Bearings > Sleeve Bearings
Clesco Mounted Light Duty Bearings > Bearing Kits

Clesco Abrasive Hardware

Abrasive mandrels, arbors, and rubber expansion drums are used in the manufacturing of cartridge rolls and mounting various finishing products. Industry applications include woodworking, metal finishing, automotive, jewelry, glass, leather, stone and tool and die.

Clesco Abrasive Hardware > Mandrels
Clesco Abrasive Hardware > Arbors
Clesco Abrasive Hardware > Drill Centers & Kit for Dowel & Tenon
Clesco Abrasive Hardware > Sanding Drums, Sanding Drum Kits, and Sanding Sleeves

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