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Deublin – Rotating Unions

Deublin Company is the leading manufacturer of Rotating Unions – a mechanical device that allows transfer of pressurized fluid from a stationary source into rotating machinery for heating, cooling, or transfer of fluid power.

Deublin’s unique Rotating Union design incorporated balanced mechanical seals. The innovative design was immediately accepted by the industry and, as a result, the company grew quickly. Rotating unions must accommodate a broad range of materials, viscosities, temperatures, pressures and speeds. That’s why the, Deublin product line offers over 500 standard unions, over 3,000 separate models.

Rotating unions are used in many manufacturing processes to cool, heat or transfer fluid (pneumatic or hydraulic) power. Typical rotating unions feature deep groove ball bearings to support the rotating component against the stationary component, and balanced, precision-engineered mechanical seals to seal the media flow. Deublin rotating unions vary for each application, depending on design, bearing type, construction and material required.

Rotating Union applications include air clutches, gear boxes, machine tool spindles, textile equipment, rubber and plastic manufacturing machinery, steel continuous casting machines, paper machine calendar stacks, and more. In 1989, the Deublin product line was expanded to include steam joints and siphon systems for paper machine dryer cans.

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Rotary Unions and Rotary Joints

How to Choose a Rotating Union

Rotating Electrical Slip Rings

Type C Steam and Hot Oil Unions

Plane and Self-Aligning Swivels

Steam Joints and Siphons

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