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Deublin – Rotating Unions

Deublin logo picISC Companies and Adams-ISC are distributors of Deublin Company rotating unions, slip rings, steam joints, and siphons. Deublin is recognized as the leading manufacturer of rotating unions, which are mechanical devices that allow transfer of pressurized fluid from a stationary source into rotating machinery for heating, cooling, or transfer of fluid power.

Deublin’s unique rotating union design incorporated balanced mechanical seals and was immediately accepted by the industry. Because rotating unions must accommodate a broad range of materials, viscosities, temperatures, pressures, and speeds, Deublin offers over 500 standard unions and more than 3,000 separate models.

In 2012, Deublin Company acquired Barco Seals, also a manufacturer of rotating unions. Barco, founded in 1908, developed swivels and ball joints for the railroad industry and, over the years, manufactured hundreds of rotating unions, plane, and self-aligning swivel joints.

Product Groups

Rotary Unions and Rotary Joints

Rotating Unions and Rotary Joints (aka rotary swivels, rotary couplings) are precision mechanical devices used to transfer fluid from a stationary source, such as a supply pipe, into a rotating piece of machinery. They are used in manufacturing processes to cool, heat, or transfer fluid (pneumatic or hydraulic) power by allowing the feed through of water, glycol, air, hydraulic, coolant, MQL, hot oil, steam, vacuum, etc. They can be configured for installation at the end of a shaft or around-the-shaft.

Applications include air clutches, gear boxes, machine tool spindles, textile equipment, rubber and plastic manufacturing machinery, steel continuous casting machines, paper machine calendar stacks, and more.

Rotating Electrical Slip Rings

A slip ring is an electrical connection designed to pass the flow of current from a stationary device to a rotating one. This electromechanical device is also known as a rotary electrical connector or rotary electrical joint. Electrical slip rings are free to rotate without limitations, unlike cables which twist and eventually break. Typical applications include revolving automation or control systems such as turntables, index tables, robots, wind turbines, semiconductor processing, printing plastic molding, CT and MRI medical scanners, satellite communications, beverage processing, and industrial washers.

Type C Steam and Hot Oil Unions


Plane and Self-Aligning Swivels

Swivel Joints provide 360-degree movement between piping element in on one or more planes for conveying or transferring a wide range of fluids including oil, water, air and gas.

Steam Joints and Siphons

Deublin steam joints and siphons are a precision system for removal of condensate from paper machine dryers in high-speed paper making.

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