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Linn Gear – Sprockets, Bushings and Gears

Linn Gear Company was formed in 1954 by Richard Hobbs, based on a portion of an ongoing business he and his brother owned, the Hobbs Machine Works. The company started manufacturing gears and sprockets a few years earlier, an addition to the general machine and foundry work it had been engaged in since 1945. Linn Gear Company grew out of a need by local companies in the wood products industry for replacement parts for their equipment. By 1959, the company started selling to wholesale distributors as well. In 1965, the company was purchased by Gene Hartl, a man who had worked with the Hobbs brothers for nearly twenty years. Three years later, the company was moved to its present location at 100 N. 8th Street in Lebanon, Oregon.

In 1975, the company joined the Power Transmission Distributor’s Association. It joined the American Gear Manufacturers Association several years later, in 1984. The company continued to grow and expand over the years. Today, it has more than 10,000 items on its catalog of stock products and manufactures thousands of custom products each year.

To manufacture some of the finest products on the market, it takes a top notch manufacturing facility. Linn Gear’s plant is 155,000 square feet of floor space packed with machinery and equipment, raw materials and inventory all at one location, a manufacturing facility that’s been built and refined specifically for the task for almost 60 years. We’re big enough to get the job done, and done right, but not so big that you, the customer get lost in the shuffle.

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