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Scheerer Bearing – Ball and Roller Bearings

Scheerer Bearing, a Pennsylvania bearing manufacturer, was incorporated on July 31, 1963. Born of the ashes of Zubler Bearing Corp., established 1928 in Philadelphia, Erich and Kurt Scheerer bought Zubler in 1953 but the building was destroyed by fire in 1963. At that time Erich Scheerer and Pedro Rymar, then plant manager at Zubler, started what is today the Scheerer Bearing Corporation headquartered in Willow Grove, PA, a close suburb of Philadelphia. In 1977, the Rymar family purchased the business from Erich Scheerer. The objective then as now, nearly 50 years later, is to offer a bearing product line that meets the specific needs of customers.

Scheerer Bearing, a third-generation, family-owned business, produces and carries a full line of ball and roller bearings up to 100 inches OD. Scheerer Bearings are high quality large-size, custom and standard bearings.

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