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System Plast (Regal Beloit) Conveyor Belts, Guides, Tracks & Parts

System Plast is one of the world’s leading suppliers of high quality conveyor products including chains, belts, sprockets, Valu Guide components and Nolu guide rails and wear strips. Our products are designed to help our customers increase their productivity and improve their working environment. System Plast conveying components assists in these areas: efficiency, noise reduction, wash-down maintenance, lubrication reduction and energy conservation.

Product Groups

Chain and Sprockets

The System Plast chain product line is divided into two main categories: engineered plastic ​chains typically for beverage and/or non-lubricated applications, and steel chains for glass-handling, heavy duty, or very abrasive applications. Molded and machined sprockets available in a variety of teeth and bore sizes.  They are also offered for all plastic chain and modular plastic belt products.

Modular Plastic Belts and Sprockets

System Plast modular plastic belts and sprockets offer good solutions for the food and beverage industry packaging lines. They help to reduce pressure created between product and top surface. The small width rollers provide a stable conveying surface.

Curves and Tracks

The ValuTrac straight and corner modules are designed to guide side flexing steel and plastic conveyor chains.  They are manufactured with state of the art computer controlled machinery, ensuring parallel module sides and a smooth, uniform chain guiding surface. When you need to modify or replace a guide way, the modular design will make the job easier.

Wear Strips

Wear Strips are commonly used as guide rails or support members under belting or table top chain.  A few advantages of using wear strip for these purposes are low friction surface, high chemical resistance, and no liquid absorption.

Chain and Belts Return Systems

System Plast conveyor chain return rollers are highly resistant to chemicals and have self lubricating characteristics.

ValuFlex is a patented, serpentine wear strip system that solves conveyor return problems associated with metal and plastic slat top chains and wide modular type belts.

Side Guides Solutions, Brackets, and Accessories

Valu Guide Bead Guides and Combiners are used on conveying lines where containers have trouble moving smoothly, causing products to crowd together or jam. The free moving beads or rollers create a durable, low friction guiding surface and the free rolling action does not allow the product to create any friction points or bridges, which can cause unwanted shutdowns. Valu Guide brand guide rail and accessories include products to properly assemble, support, guide, and guard conveyor systems.

Miscellaneous Products

Miscellaneous products include machine guarding, panel clamps, tube joints, mounting profiles, handles, door stops, hinges, door locks, end plugs, ratchet handles, knobs, and locking shaft collars.


System Plast offers an extremely versatile range of fixed and articulated leveling feet to provide machine support and securing options for almost any industry.

Bearing Supports

System Plast modular bearing supports can be used in harsh washdown environments, such as food and beverage processing industries. These applications typically use sealed and lubricated bearing types. Mounted ball bearing supports provide an anti-friction solution when supporting rotating shafts with radial loads.

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