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Isostatic – Bronze Bushings and Bearings

Isostatic Industries, Inc. has one of the world’s largest inventories of quality bronze bearings in a wide variety of inch and metric sizes. Isostatic offers a broad range of bearing types, from sleeve and flange to disc, plate, and thrust, solid and cored bar in sintered, cast bronze, and steel back-PTFE-lined materials. Isostatic bearings can be oil impregnated, dry, or graphite-filled to meet a broad range of application requirements.

Isostatic offers a broad range of bronze alloy materials beyond the core powdered metal (SAE 841) and cast bronze (CA932 / SAE 660) products. A few of the other bronze alloys offered include high leaded tin bronze (CA 936 and 937), aluminum bronze (CA 614, 630, and 954), and manganese bronze (CA 863).

Sleeve Bushings and Bearings

Flange Bushings

Thrust Washers / Bearings

Bars, Discs, and Plates

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