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Renold Jeffrey – Roller Chain, Engineering Chain, and Chain Tools

When Joseph Jeffrey founded Jeffrey Chain Corporation in 1887, he initiated a tradition of excellence that has developed alongside industry and the needs of customers.

In April 2000, Renold plc. out of Manchester, England, purchased Jeffrey Chain. Renold has a rich history in the chain industry and in fact, is credited with developing the first bushed roller chain. Their engineering excellence has provided a new dimension in quality and innovation. The combination of Renold and Jeffrey provides for the most customer-focused and dynamic alliance in the chain industry.

Renold Jeffrey is all about chain. They build it, maintain it, and improve it. Renold Jeffrey sets the quality standard with innovative products like Synergy, Syno, Hydro-Service, and a wide range of specialty and attachment chains.

Renold Jeffrey has also introduced Renold Roller Chain, which is crafted to last longer and reduce downtime. The difference is clear right out of the box. Wide-waist link plates, top-grade factory pre-lubrication, accurate press fits, and solid bushings and rollers get your line running quickly and keeps it going longer. Plus, exclusive new end-softened pin heads cut to length quickly and cleanly for easy onsite adjustment.

Roller and Attachment Chain

Renold designs and manufactures high performance roller chain that is focused on the key areas of wear resistance and fatigue resistance. For a standard drive chain that combines a wide waisted plate shape, for extra fatigue resistance, with an end-softened spin riveted pin for easy installation, view Standard Chains.

Renold also offers a range of chains designed to tackle the challenges of corrosion, abrasion, lack of lubrication, and shock-loadings. In these situations, Synergy, Syno, Sovereign, and Hydro-service can deliver significantly longer working life than a standard chain can achieve, this range helps you to pick the right chain for the job.

Engineering Chain

Each Renold Jeffrey Engineering Class Chain is the result of years of research and development. Each chain is made with the highest quality steel (carbon, alloy, stainless). Components can be case hardened or heat treated, as required. Surface treatments and plating can be added to increase corrosion resistance and extend wear life.

Accessories and Sprockets

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